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How to Start Your Own Business

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How to Start Your Own Business

  • What is the Objective of This Course?

    Designed for small or micro-business, the objective of this course is to provide the key elements and issues that need to be explored and understood in order to be a good entrepreneur, taking informed decisions and successfully manage the enterprise.

  • What is the learning outcome of this Course?
    • Learn key steps to increase chances of success and minimise risk.
    • Understand how to market the business, identifying competition, pricing and branding strategies.
    • How to handle and recruit staff and administrative issues.
    • To develop the business skills necessary to start or consult to a small business venture.
    • To offer a program of coursework and practical exercises in business financing, management and sound operational practices that will improve the likelihood of business venture success.
    • To explore the intricacies of effective management and marketing of businesses of varying size and structure.
  • How is the course structured?
    • Course is fully online and enrolment can be made at anytime.
    • 100 hours’ worth of learning material.
    • Study material will be made accessible can be used as a toolkit for the sound running of their start-up.
    • Course is assessed by a series of self-assessment exercises.
    • Course includes 5 units covering the following areas:
      • Unit 1 - Thinking of Starting a Business
      • Unit 2 - Finance for Business Start-up
      • Unit3 - Marketing for Business Start-up
      • Unit 4 - Business Planning for Business Start-up
      • Unit 5 - Communicating for Success in Business
How is the course structured?

Unit 1 - Thinking of Starting a Business

  • The problems and potential of small-business start-up
  • Sources of information
  • Why start a business
  • Personal skills
  • The realities of starting a business
  • Success v Failure
  • Your Business Idea
  • Am I suited trunning a business
  • People and Roles
  • Business start-up expenses
  • Sources of Money
  • Finding Premises
  • Financial Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Practical Issues

Unit 2 - Finance for Business Start Up

  • Looking after your money
  • Budgeting for personal survival
  • Financial Responsibilities
  • Common causes of financial failure
  • Financial Control
  • Expenses
  • Employing Staff
  • Pricing
  • Cash Flow
  • Profit and Loss account
  • Balance Sheet
  • Performance Ratios
  • Credit Terms

Unit 3 - Marketing for Business Start Up

  • What marketing is
  • Definitions of Marketing
  • Marketing in Practice
  • Understanding Customer Needs and Wants
  • Using Marketing Strategy
  • The 7Ps of Marketing
  • Turning Prospects into Customers
  • Types of Marketing Message
  • Writing Marketing Material
  • Websites
  • Newsletter Marketing
  • The Marketing Plan
  • Classic Marketing Mistak

Unit 4 - Business Planning for Business Start Up

  • Purpose of a Business Plan
  • Demands and Limitations of Business Planning
  • Basic Aspects of Business Planning
  • Business Plan Format
  • The Executive Summary
  • The Business
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Products and Services
  • Marketing
  • Financials
  • Business Planning Top Tips

Unit 5 - Communicating for Success in Business

  • Networking
  • Defining Communication
  • The Communication Cycle
  • Noise
  • Barriers to Communication
  • Spoken Word – General Considerations
  • Written Word – General Considerations
  • First Impressions
  • Non-Verbal Behaviour
  • Active Listening
  • Written Communication
  • Email Etiquette
  • Writing Marketing Copy for Your Business