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The Work-Life Balance Course

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The Work-Life Balance Course

  • What is Work-Life Balance and Why is it Important?

    It is an important aspect of a healthy work environment and maintaining a work-life balance helps reduce stress and prevent burnout in the workplace. Too much stress over a long period of time leads to workplace burnout, which negatively impacts on mental health and a decrease in work performance.

  • How will I benefit from this Course?
    • Designed as a self-development programme, it allows students to work through various activities and exercises focusing on stress reduction, diet, relationships and personal improvement in areas such as family and career.
    • It is an excellent self-assessment resource for individuals.
    • It is similar to an Executive Coaching Programme, at a much affordable cost.
    • The comprehensive range of areas covered in the course provides a uniqueness in bringing all this content together in one place.
    • Course material and dedicated student support provided.
  • How is the course structured?
    • Course is fully Online and can be studied either standalone or alongside BMLBS University level courses.
    • Enrolment can be made at anytime.
    • Course includes 5 units covering the following areas:
      • Unit 1 – Getting What You want from Life
      • Unit 2 – Staying happy and healthy
      • Unit3 – Being Safe at Work
      • Unit 4 – Understanding yourself and others
      • Unit 5 – Taking control
    • 100 hours’ worth of learning material.
    • Study material will be accessible for 5 years to students.
  • Objectives and Learning Outcome
    • Unit 1 – Getting What You Want from Life
      • Familiarising with tools and techniques that help assess work-life balance.
      • Identification and creation of key personal goals and how to achieve them.
      • More effective and positive time management skills
      • Learning key self-improvement and positive thinking techniques.
    • Unit 2 – Staying Happy and Healthy
      • Introducing a range of tools & techniques, which includes eating, diet, nutrition and physical fitness, that help assess personal health and where positive actions can be taken to improve
      • Improving time management skills
      • Improving health and performance through various relaxation and holistic therapies.
    • Unit 3 – Being Safe at Work
      • Introducing a range of tools and techniques that will improve knowledge of health and safety legislations and practices.
      • Teaching how to work more safely and protect health and wellbeing by taking practical steps to deal with issues e.g. bullying, drug/alcohol abuse in the workplace.
    • Unit 4 – Understanding Yourself and Others
      • Introducing a range of tools and techniques that will identify one’s preferred team style and learning style, through understanding a condensed form of MBTI.
      • Process of recognising one’s Enneagram style and developing emotional intelligence.
    • Unit 5 – Taking Control
      • Introducing a range of tools and techniques that will enable to take control of one’s communication style in order to communicate clearly and authentically in all kind of situations.
      • Dealing with conflicts and ability to adapt to change.
      • Taking control of home and work environments on a day to day basis and making them pleasant and harmonious places to work and live.