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Boston Management and Law Business School (BMLBS)

BMLBS has been created after extensive research, especially in India and the African continent, where an acute need and demand for tertiary education were noted. After years of thorough negotiation and discussion with British Universities, BMLBS – an awe-inspiring online business school was born.

Today, BMLBS enables to bridge the gap to those professionals who, for various reasons, cannot travel to UK to acquire British Education or students who cannot afford the high costs involved in obtaining British Qualifications on-campus/in-country.

BMLBS brings affordable undergraduate and post-graduate courses at the doorstep of all students and professionals willing to pursue their academic and professional goals and passion, from anywhere in the world, through state-of-the art online courses by leveraging on innovative technology.

At BMLBS, we go beyond traditional teaching. We forge our students to develop a different perspective of seeing and feeling things while embracing the world with an eagle eye. We deliver a series of courses which help individuals muster themselves and face the reality in both their personal and work environments. We develop the leaders of tomorrow by unlocking potentials and inculcating life values that promote sustainable growth.